Predicting your future with financial forecasting

An all too common story

Have you ever experienced that moment when you realise there isn’t enough cash to meet the wages bill at the end of the month? What about ensuring you have reserves set aside to settle large tax or VAT liabilities due to HMRC?

Have you ever had that unexpected phone call from your bank manager to say you’ve exceeded your borrowing limits?

Have you ever looked at your year-end financial statements and been surprised; the profit for the year was nothing like you expected?

Those unexpected moments can have dire consequences on cash flow and the viability of the business. Very often this can arise despite sales growth going as planned. For example, doubling sales over a 12-month period where accounts receivable terms are more relaxed than when a business pays its suppliers can lead to major cash shortages; and sometimes going out of business.

If only you had a crystal ball to look into the future, you could take corrective action to avoid those problems. That’s what a comprehensive AEL Markhams financial forecast will do for your business. In fact it will do much more…

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